3 days P1 Paragliding course for Student Pilots

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What better way than a P1 paragliding course to learn something unique while having the most exciting time of your life! Paragliding is a fun-filled and thrilling activity to engage in, and continues to garner widespread fame. It gives you a chance to fly without having to shell out treasures on buying aircraft tickets. Another bonus of opting for the activity is that you have the chance to steer your own glider whichever way you want, and not depend on the pilot of the aircraft. Feel the wind on your face while you fly at a considerable height, and have the time of your life. If you are a beginner and stay in India, you can enrol for a recognised paragliding course and learn this exciting sport.

To take this course, you have to be older than 15 years, and have to weigh at least 45 kg. One of the best places to take the course is Kamshet near Pune that is a paragliding paradise in India. The three-day training for paragliding course in Pune here involves a lot of excitement, challenges and lessons. You will get to meet new people and learn the sport from experienced trainers. Your first day will be spent on a flat ground, where you will get familiarised with the glider and its various controls. The trainers will instruct and guide you at every step of the course, and it will help you to advance to the next level. Your course will be inclusive of ground school classes, allowing you to understand the relevant concepts better. You will get the first taste of the sport on a simulator at the school, and it will make it easier for you to acquire the necessary skills. Before you fly, you will be shown representative videos of paragliders in flight, which will help you a lot in your future lessons.

You will learn wind and site assessment, canopy layout, introduction to equipment, pre-flight checks, control familiarisation, forward inflation, ground handling, steering, speed controls, turning the glider and canopy deflation. Other techniques that you will learn are assisted take-off, safe landing, radio-supervised flying, post-flight procedures and maintenance of the canopy. The next phase of your paragliding training comprises instructions on taking-off and landing on gentle hill slopes. After this, you will fly solo for the first time, following a go-ahead by your instructor. Post clearing your flight test and written exam, you will get the student pilot rating, enabling you to enrol in the P2 course for an open sky pilot. The fee of your P1 course is inclusive of theory, training, equipment and certification expenses.

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