Sheep Breeds

Sheep is a very familiar domestic animal. Dry weather and cold area is very suitable for sheep farming. The main characteristics of sheep is that their body is fully covered with fur. Their skin and fur is very valuable. Sheep are not highly milk productive like goat. There are about 200 sheep breeds around the world. Sheep breeds are of three types according to their production which are described below.

  • Meat Productive Sheep Breeds: Dorset, Suffolk, Cheviot etc. are highly meat productive sheep breeds.
  • Hair Productive Sheep Breeds: Merino, Rambouillet etc. are hair productive sheep breeds.
  • Hair & Meat Productive Sheep Breeds: Cordially, Montadale, Kooka etc are famous for both hair and meat production.

Characteristics of some sheep breeds are described below.


  • Marino sheep originated from Spain. But nowadays Marino sheep farmingspread throughout the world. They are very famous for hair production. Male sheep produce about 8-15 kg and female produce about 5-10 kg wool per year. Wool is very long and high quality.
  • Mouth and legs are white colored.
  • Male sheep has horns but female has no horns.
  • Their whole body is covered with hair.


  • This breed came from Marino sheep.
  • Head become big sized.
  • Ears are surrounded by white hair.
  • Male sheep weights about 110-125 kg and female 70-90 kg.
  • Hair weights very high and dense.
  • Whole body is covered with hair. Even on mouth and legs.


  • Cheviot sheep breed originated from Scotland.
  • They become very beautiful to look.
  • Ears become straight.
  • Mouth and legs are bright white.
  • Hair of mouth and legs become very tiny.
  • Nose, lips and legs become blackish.
  • Male cheviot sheep weights about 80 kg and female 55 kg.
  • Legs, hip and thighs are very fleshy.
  • Produce about 2.5-3.5 kg wool annually.


  • Southdown sheep breed is a very old species of Britain.
  • This breed was made artificially.
  • Small in size.
  • Head is comparatively wide.
  • Adult male sheep weights about 80 kg and female 55 kg.
  • Color of their mouth is slightly brown.
  • They gain sexual maturity earlier.
  • Meat is very tasty.
  • Produce about 2-3 kg fur every year.


  • This sheep breeds originated from England.
  • Medium sized.
  • Mouth and legs are clean.
  • Hair become very long.


  • Become very big sized.
  • Head become wide.
  • Ears are thick.


  • They are highly hair productive breed.
  • Male sheep has horns but female has no horns.
  • Male sheep weights about 90 kg and female 65 kg.


  • Hair becomes very long.
  • Male sheep contain horn but female has no horn.
  • Ears are very long and wide.
  • Thick fiber with their hair.
  • Annual production of hair is about 1.5 kg.


  • The color of their hair become white.
  • Expert grazing in the hill.
  • Male sheep has horn but female contain no horn.
  • Medium sized.


  • Meat of lohi sheep is very tasty.
  • Big sized body.
  • Ears become very long.
  • Fiber of hair is very long and grained.


  • The color of hair become black or ash.
  • Hair is separate and grained.
  • Small sized.
  • Expert in fighting.
  • Highly meat productive sheep breed.
  • Produce about 0.5 kg wool per year.


  • They are of black colored.
  • Hair become grained.
  • Produce about 1 kg wool annually.
  • Big sized.
  • Strong body structure.
  • Skin is very high quality.


  • Kooka sheep breed originated from Pakistan.
  • They are very suitable for meat and wool production.
  • White body color.
  • Mouth is medium sized.
  • Head is very heavy.
  • Their forehead become very wide.
  • Horns are very small.
  • Ears are hanging.
  • Produce about 3 kg wool per year.
  • Meat is very tasty.
  • Female sheep produce about 1 kg milk daily.
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